The Story about the Human who Lives for 40 Years in a CAVE: Drinks Water from the Springs, goes Hunting and he is Not Missing a Thing…


Pedro Luka -79 years old man, lives in a cave on a mountain in Tucumán Province- North Argentina, for more than 40 years, without “clean” water for drinking, nor electricity.

When he is hungry, he takes his rifle and goes hunting or walks for three hours through the mountain, towards the closest village San Pedro de Kolalao. The brooks are his main source of drinking water.

“It is the cleanest water to drink in this area”, says the 79-year-old Pedro Luka, the man who “avoids” the civilization for almost 40 years.

“Pedro is not lonely – the ones who keep him company are the 11 cooks and the 2 goats, who during the day are roaming over the mountain in search for food, and come back at night looking for a shelter from pumas and the rest of the predators.

The cooks wake him up every morning around 3 am.Then Pedro lights a fire, and his day begins.



He became a real legend in San Pedro de Kolalao, where the inhabitants from the near areas, give him food often and other things which are necessary for living. He buys candles, yeast and corn from his pension of 100 – 200 dollars, which he raises regularly each month from the counters of the city post.

The only technological device, that Pedro possesses is a battery radio, but while “catching the radio waves”, experiences difficulties, because in the woods and the cave, the signal is very weak.

Every day, he walks for almost three hours, climbs over the steep cliffs, in order to come to his cave. Time has left marks on his skin, but beside that, he does not look as old, for a man who has almost reached the age of 80.

Pedro says that since ever wanted to live in isolation, in the wild, ever since he was young. He grew up with his grandfather in San Pedro de Kolalao. At the age of 14 he left his grandfather and moved to the northern part of Argentina in order to earn money from the coal transport in Bolivia. Afterwards he pensioned and “settled” in cave.  The story of his life has spread through Argentina and the world, therefore he has lots of guests now.

Pedro says: “I have never wondered, why I chose to live here. There is one more cave nearby, but I like this better. Sometimes I think about how much I want to travel the world and see Europe. But there is a lot of sea between the two continents, and it takes a lot of time to pass all that way”

For one thing he is sure- he wouldn’t change his life one bit.

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