Heartbroken Mother Released a Devastated Video where Her Son DIES on a Motorbike in a Fireball Crash as a Warning to other Bikers

The purpose of the following video is to highlight the awful things that can happen on open public roads when concentration is not 100 percent.

On a 30th of August 2015, during a motto race on the Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, 22-year-old Lewis Clark died on a horrific manner, when another rider with high speed entered his trace, from the opposed direction and caused the fireball crashed.

Lewis’ mother Beverley Clark is telling her heartbreaking story: “Have you ever been ride in on the mountain road, feeling free, just you and your bike? That’s what my son Luis was doing when he was killed in a tragic motorbike accident at the blackout on August 30th 2015. My name is Beverly and I am his mom. My precious son is taken for me at 11 AM, on Sunday morning. He was carefree and innocent, doing what he loved to do the most in his life- riding his motorbike. He wasn’t racing or speeding. He was alcoholic and drug free. He was living life and living in the moment, as he always did. He came home silent, broken and dead. My son at 22 came home in a coffin.

When I got that visit from the police, informing me that my beautiful son had died in a fireball, my world stopped. There are no words to describe the pain and loss.  the news no parent would never have to receive.

I held my son’s tiny hand when I said hello, but I never got to hold his hand when we said goodbye. I would never share another celebration with him, all I have not photographs, memories and a grave.”

An on-bike camera caught the moment Mr Clark, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, died in the tragic collision.

The devastated mother added: Please, please, please keep safe on the roads. Please remember to check and double check. Be aware. Don’t take risks. I miss my son so much. He taught me to live every day, and enjoy every moment.


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