Discovered The Secret for the Eternal Youth: Sperm Mask – The Eternal Youth Elixir and Cure for skin Conditions

Trace Kiss is a beauty blogger who has rare skin condition called erythema to telangiectatic rosacea (ETR). She had it since she was little. This skin condition causes facial redness and flushing, with visible blood vessels. The face is very sensitive, dry, stinging and hot; dehydrated.

The 26-year-old single mother of two children had to fight this condition in order to have a normal life. Unfortunately, there is no way to cure this condition but only to lessen the effects. Some of them are avoiding alcohol, sunlight or spicy foods. She says that the women who have this disorder have emotional weaknesses, lack self-esteem and self-confidence. She tried all kinds of medications, lotions, creams.

Ever since we know, using live and natural ingredients such as placental extracts, algae, mud, minerals, live yogurt, vegetables, oils and even blood have proven their beauty benefits and the well-being results.

Then why don’t we use the sperm, the component that made us? From the day she starts using it, her face is much better.

Trace Kiss: “Afterwards my skin is fresher, brighter and looks and feels so much better. My makeup sits nicer on my skin without cracking or caking, and my skin tone is improved and less reddened as it cools and soothes my face”

Check out her story and the way and the instructions for putting the mask.

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