The World Speaks About This Amazing Video: The Crucified Jesus Opened His Eyes in the Middle of Mass.

The event was noticed on June in the Mexican city Saltillo.

Thanks to the portal Adimensional, whose owner is engaged in researching paranormal phenomena, a video has been spread over the internet where you can see how the crucified Jesus opens his eyes.

This event has been recorded on June in the Mexican city Saltillo and since was launched on YouTube, until today it has reached over a million views.

The view of this event is bizarre and incited many reactions at the viewers.

It awakened hope and peace to some of the viewers, to some it caused chills, but also there were viewers who after watching it used very harsh words.

Besides that, many people were making jokes about the video and believed that it is a fake and edited. However, the owner of the above-mentioned portal, Ivan Escamilla, remained persistent in the believe it is not a fraud. Namely he says the video has been watched from over 20 different experts, from those who process photographs, to priests and that nobody noticed anything fake about it.

The video starts with the question:

Is this an illusion or miracle?

What do you think?

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