Insensitive TV Reporter Interviews Dying Man in El-Salvador

The insensitive TV reporter from El Salvador became the most hated person in the world overnight. This is because she interviewed dying man.

The video wich was published on YouTube spread around quickly and received lots of negative comments

On this video, she interviews a dying man, just a few minutes after he was hit by a truck.

The man was helplessly lying on the ground.  He barely had strength to moan from pain.This didn’t stop the reporter to  put the microphone in front on him and interrogated him. Instead of offering assistance the reporter questions the man over whether or not he’d seen the truck coming and after a while whether he wants to be transferred to hospital.

Dying man: They hit me and I am hurting.

TV reporter:  Didn’t you see the vehicle?

Dying man: No.

TV reporter: Would you want to be taken to the hospital?

Dying man: No.

TV reporter: Where were you going anyways?

After the third question, the unfortunate man, could not speak but moaned in pain. Few minutes after the camera turned off, he died.

Check out the video and her interview:


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