Researchers Discovered that Yawning can Reveal if You are a Psychopath

According to the recent research, even the tiniest details can reveal the truth about a certain psychological profile. The researchers have discovered that the yawning can reveal whether or not you are a psychopath.

Maybe it is better to pay a little bit more attention to the unconscious activity. Surprisingly, but the psychopathic tendencies are not connected with that how long are you yawning, or do you cover your mouth, but the time when you are doing it.

Psychopathy is defined as a lack of a sense of empathy, and it is one of the main reasons why yawning is so contagious. The researchers from Baylor University found that the if a man has less sense of empathy, it is less likely to yawn when he see someone else doing it. For the purposes of the research, 135 students completed the test about the personality who was determining the psychopathic characteristics of the individual, among which are selfishness, indifference, impulsiveness, and fearlessness. Then the participants were exposed to an experiment in which they were watching a video that lasted 10 seconds. It contained a variety of human facial expressions, including those that occur when people yawn, so the reactions of the participants were monitored by means of electrodes. The results showed that if the participant had little points, it means that he didn’t yawn while watching the video.


With other words, those who don’t have emotions, do not feel guilt and no consideration regarding other people’s feelings- they are immune towards the human yawning

For the people, primates even for the dogs, the yawning is contagious and they have a need to imitate the yawning of their close. Although we yawn from our birth, the social yawning begins at the age of 4- 5 years old, i.e. at the same age when becomes to develop the empathy. This simple action helps to the people to get closer and to communicate through this mutual behaving.


If you wonder, whether you possess some psychopathic characteristics or you doubt that some of your close friends have them, take a look at the video “Asap Science” and see how long can you stand without taking breath reflexively.

If you managed to see people yawning for 3 and a half minutes, while you didn’t yawn, not even once, do not worry! It doesn’t mean that you should surrender yourself to the police and kill everything that will find on your way.

The author of the study Brian Randall said that the process of  diagnosing psychopaths is a complex process. The contagious yawning is the only useful indicator that facilitates the procedure but is not a decisive factor. Even if you own a large number of psychopathic features, it does not mean that you are a wicked person, but a person who has a harder time to connect with others and make stable relationships and connections.


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