After Weeks Of Protesting Colin Kaepernick Was Just Met With His Worst Nightmare


At the beginning of last month, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick dominated headlines for refusing to stand while the national anthem played before a game.

Less than 24 hours later, fans were burning his jersey in protest of his actions.

Still, Kaepernick’s refusal to stand sparked a string of protests among NFL players, and the league is now paying a real price. For the third week in a row, ratings for NFL games have gone down noticeably.

CBS New Detroit claims that the political message being pushed violates a politics-free zone.

“I want to say to these guys, ‘If you weren’t playing in the NFL, you would be working at McDonalds,’” he commented. “I think people have had it. Sports used to not be a stage for this, and now it is, so I’m turning it off. I refused to watch the Chicago-Philadelphia game because they were going to protest…You start to figure out you can get along without football, there are other things out there I can do.”

Forbes Magazine has also been reporting on the downward trend in ratings, writing: “Week 2 of the NFL season is picking up right where Week 1 ended in terms of TV ratings. This weekend’s Sunday Night Football failed to reverse the downward trend and the same holds true for last night’s Monday Night Football on ESPN.”

What do you think of these new reports? Is America fed up with the racial agenda being pushed in this country?


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