The Terror for which the US kept silent for years: Saddam tortured and killed people in central New York City

Saddam Hussein had a secret bunker and a room for torture and murdering in the heart of New York. The corpses of his victims were shipped out of USA with the help of diplomatic immunity, as American media report.

Namely, when he took control of Iraq in 1979, in the basement of the Mission of Iraq in New York City, precisely in Manhattan, he built a torture dungeon which was very well hidden. According to the sources of New York Post, in that five-storey building Iraqi civilians were held, tortured, and some even murdered there.

It’s interesting that all of this had been happening in the building just across the road of Michael Bloomberg’s house, who later became one of New York’s most famous mayors.


The torture dungeon was equipped with armored doors which were impossible to break open, and the isolation of this basement room was such that nothing could be heard from outside, not even the terrifying screams of its victims. Here, mainly members of the family “Iraqi problematic citizens” were imprisoned, and through them the people who bothered Saddam Hussein were blackmailed.

Some were even tortured by the notorious agents of Hussein, members of Mukhabarat, who pulled off the victims’ fingernails and beat them with hoses and copper wire. If it happened that some succumbed to the torture, their bodies were shipped out of USA with the help of diplomatic immunity.

The corpses were mainly placed in so-called diplomatic boxes, on which it was written “This is a diplomatic consignment, no one is allowed to open and inspect.”


Insiders claim that Hussein’s agents acted in other countries as well, not just in the USA. “Mukhabarat did what it wanted. Believe me, they are the last people you ever wanted to meet during Saddam’s reign,” one of the Iraqi dissidents says.

There were two more rooms in the basement. One was a regular office and the other one was a communication center, where orders from Iraq were received.


Hussein’s regime fell in 2003, exactly at the time when Bloomberg was the head of New York. It’s interesting that Bloomberg probably often, not knowingly, stood around 10 meters away from the rooms in which people were being tortured and murdered.

After the fall of Hussein’s regime, this building was entered by federal agents and they found all of its secrets. Although the building was Iraqi territory, American agents opened the secret safes in it and took a lot of documents.

Today both Iraq and the building have a new owner. The torture room doesn’t exist anymore, and allegedly it’s been converted to a kitchenette.


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