Charles Barkley Drops Colin Kaepernick, Says “You Gotta Actually Do Something”

For the past few months, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and some of his fellow professional athletes have knelt during the national anthem as a way of protesting racial inequality in America.

Kaepernick’s protests have insulted millions of Americans and caused viewership of NFL games to plummet. NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley had just five words to evaluate Kaepernick’s protests, according to The Bleacher Report.

“Once you get off your knee, like, OK, what are you doing? Because football season is going to be over soon. And the question is: How long do you do it? When is it over?” he said.

Barkley, who has given millions to historically black educational institutions, said he is beyond merely symbolic gestures.

If Kaepernick wants to change what he sees as an injustice in America, that is his right. We all have the right to protest and demand change.

However, if your protest involves kneeling for two minutes and nothing else, then you really aren’t doing anything other than trying to make a name for yourself and irritating millions of Americans who might normally agree with you.

No one with a shred of common sense thinks there isn’t still racism in America, but disrespecting the national anthem is no way to solve that problem.

Maybe Kaepernick and his fellow protesters could actually stand up for their beliefs and work to rebuild the inner cities of America. Surely they could spare some of their millions of dollars to help give inner city youth a chance at a decent life.

That’s the sort of action that would make a real difference.

H/T USA Today

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