The “prophetic speech” of Putin: He predicted the present 10 years ago! (Video)


10 years ago Vladimir Putin made a speech about the security issues at a conference in Munich. This historical speech of the Russian President, as many analysts would say, is compared with the speech by Winston Churchill in Fulton, which started the Cold War.

Back then Putin gave a diagnose about the world order and marked the return of Russia as a force in the international arena.

”Among the other things, I think the Munich speech was provided, because, up to that point Russia returned all of the western loans which Yeltsin had to take with incredibly high interest rates. Putin’s speech can be interpreted as follows: – We have returned all the debts, now we are the masters of our destiny. And that is exactly what irritated the West, they no longer have a manner in which they would affect in Russia. To recall the time, when Yugoslavia was bombed, Yeltsin vainly pounded on the table and threatened Clinton that he would arrest him but he had to ask him for a loan”, said Ljubinka Milinchich, chief editor of “Sputnik”, whose book “Words that Changed the World” – is a collection of the four most important speeches of the Russian President which can be found in almost every kiosk.

Putin's memorable Munich Speech 2007

Putin became the first leader of the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union that has undoubtedly talked about the most important issues of world politics. He strongly criticized the model of the unipolar world and made it clear that he will not be “obedient and humble” of the heads in Washington, he condemned the spread of NATO to the East and the resolution of conflicts by using force.


Many believe that his “Munich speech” is a visionary speech. He has pointed the weakness of the western political system and their values.


Putin, in his “prophetic voice” said the use of NATO force to the Charter of the United Nations and the encouragement of conflicts in the Middle East caused a new race of nuclear armament, and warned that such actions could lead to a rise in extremism and terrorism.

His statement provoked outrage in the West. After Munich, the Western media began to promote anti-Russian sentiment to vilified Putin. So began the information war, which has escalated in the recent years and turned into a cold war with a large scale.

“Munich speech was a triumphant return to Russia on the world political scene. Unfortunately, instead of considering the words of the Russian president, the leaders of the West started to vilified Russia and Putin. “If they understood that the concept of a unipolar world is wasted and started to agree on real world problems, the terrorism today would not be so widespread”, said Milinchich.

US did not pay any attention to Putin words, while Obama administration only worsen the situation in the recent years with interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. ” The Achievements” of US policy in the recent decades were wave of revolutions especially with North Africa, the destruction of statehood in Libya, the invasion of Iraq, the coup and civil war in Ukraine, Syrian War and the spread of terrorism in the Middle East to the world.

“The unipolar system is not only unacceptable but also impossible”, said Putin, and foresaw the creation of new centers of power and strengthening of multi-polarity.

The latest power centers are Russia, China and India and the West must now count on them.

The new head of the White House, Donald Trump, said he was ready “to recognize Russia as an equal partner”.

“The words of Vladimir Putin are much better understood today, because they are supported by the current power of Russia”, concludes Ljubinka Milinchich.

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