The Animal You See First Reveals Your Personality Traits


This image is actually made of several pictures. Taking a few moments to look at it closely can reveal a lot about your personality traits and the way you think. Study the image before moving on (no sneaking a peek at the answers) to learn more about how what you see relates to the way your brain works.

Some items to take note of:

  • Which animal or animals did you find fastest?
    • How quickly were you able to identify other animals?
    • How many and which animals did you find?

Personality Traits

The animals you found first offer insight into your personality traits. People have long thought that animal choices say a lot about your personality, but new scientific studies show there are differences in the personalities of people that prefer different animals. Which animal or animals your eyes were drawn to fastest in the image can reveal details about your personality.


The Bird – If the first image you saw was the bird, you tend to have a more outgoing and expressive personality.

  • The Crab – If you saw the crab first, you tend to be happier and have a better sense of humor.
  • The Bird & The Crab – People who saw both images at the same time or very close together tend to be more sensitive and emotional.
  • The Horse – This image usually jumps right out at people who are more independent and free-spirited.

The Dolphin – If the dolphin was your first image, it means you are a more creative and artistic person.

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