Bright, Airy and Beautifully Organized Under 30 Square Meters

Judging an apartment by its dimensions is not always fair because sometimes you can be really surprised! Check this perfect 30 square meter!

Interior designers are well familiar with the paradox where space constraints actually enhance creativity by requiring an approach that breaks a problem down to its most basic parts. This apartment make 30 square meters look comfortable rather than limited – every piece of furniture makes a big visual impact but leaves plenty of legroom, and each accessory serves a purpose rather than simply filling a void. Browse through this inspiring small apartment and their super-compact floor plans for a nice variety of organization techniques to try at home.


Catherine Remizov designed this apartment with a surprisingly classic and luxurious vibe despite its restrictive 20 square meter floor plan – and the result is bursting with personality! It contains all the necessities, some of which are hidden away with clever tricks to save visual real estate. Every inch of this apartment reflects a strong and adventurous personality, and seems to utilize each available surface for the purpose of expression. Keep reading to see the room visualized in several subtly different styles.

This interior certainly doesn’t back down from bold accessories like zebra print, silky pillows in orchid pink, and shapely accessories on the shelf behind the sofa. Diagonal wood floors offer another irreplaceable source of personality.

Mirrors and glossy surfaces maximize the amount of light this apartment gets from its single large window.


The kitchen is especially polished. High-gloss cabinetry in white reflects a tremendous amount of light back toward the living room, while exotic wood panels with rich grain make it feel unique and welcoming.


A small office occupies an open spot near the entertainment console.


Here’s a visualization of the same space with a rounded retro-style mirror. This is also a good view of the bed fully extended – a smart design for such a small space.


This time the headboard is decorated with framed architectural sketches. Note the cute child’s bed in front of the window with drawers beneath.

Indirect lighting beneath the open shelf is a nice touch.


The bathroom makes great use of its limited space with a corner shower.


Here’s an overhead view of the compact yet exciting apartment.

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