“A’tolan”, Modern Chalet in harmony with the Natural landscape of Taiwan

Subtly hidden in the landscape, the house “A’tolan” Taiwan enjoys relaxing nature with an endless view of the water sheet.
Beautiful villa, thanks to its location, natural materials and openness to the line of sight, seem to be one with nature, away from the crowds and urban problems.

Sitting on its open terrace, and rest you’re soul, and forget all the real problems and concerns. The house has a Zen atmosphere, largely because of natural materials with which it is built. Her performance is based on traditional Taiwanese technique Transformers houses with local stone.

The stones are usually excavated from the land on which should rise architectural unit and then used for the same performance. This technique is practiced in construction and architecture in Taiwan is one way to be re-used natural materials, rather than be destroyed or discarded. Rocks, stacked on each other as natural sculptures are the main pillars in the house.

The architectural structure of “A’tolan” gently rises several levels and extending along the contours of the coast and, following its shape is distorted and turns the ocean angle of 130 degrees.

Iron construction of the house is anchored with a stone from which are derived imposing columns and the platform on which the house was built-in order to open to the ocean and enjoy the unobstructed view of the natural landscape.



The exterior of the private house “A’tolan” sufficiently dominant, so architects are opting interior focus to maintain simplicity. Hence they used for wood floors, and marble-beige shade wall surfaces. “A’tolan” is carefully and meticulously architectural unit that lives in harmony with nature that surrounds it.