4 Women Who Inspired The Whole World

The modeling industry is not as it was few years back when only genetically gifted women could pose as models, today we can see how this has evolved into something different. Today no matter your looks if you are confident enough you could be a model. Here are 10 incredible women who have played a big part in think and who have motivated and inspired women all over the world to stop carrying what others thing about their looks.

Chantelle Brown-Young

Chantelle Brown-Young

She is a Canadian model who has suffer a rare skin pigmentation defect since she was three years old.

Erica Irwin


This is Erica Irwin, she is the tallest model with 6.7 ft and she is 35 years old

Masha Tyelna

Masha Tyelna

She is an Ukrainian model with the largest eyes.

Diandra Forrest


She is a green eyes African-American model who has a very rare condition of Albinism. This is a very rare condition to be found in African-American people.