This is Definitely Something You Need to Try The Next Time You are Planning on Eating Some of This 7 Foods!

If you are bored from the same recipes or if you don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen making some dish than you will love this 9 interesting things that you can do with this 7 foods. It will only take you around 10-20 minutes to prepare this delicious dishes and trust me you will never want to eat this foods like you were eating them before. Ok so in the pictures below you will see how you can make 10 “boring” foods is a dedicates with only few easy steps.

For this article we have picked this 10 foods:

  • Potato, Sausages, Bread, Pizza, Chocolate Cookies, Sandwich, Nutella


Potato – Sliced potatoes

Take an average sized potato, wash it and then with a sharp knife make straight slices into the potato, try not to cut all the way through and leave about 2 cm. Also make sure that the slices don’t go in one another. After that fill the spaces in between with bacon, saute, cheese or any other feeling that you wish. Bake them until they are ready.

Potato 1

– If you think that is all you can do with a potato, wait till you see this. Have you ever though that you can make a potato pancakes? Here is how its done:

Peel some UN-cooked potatoes and slice them. After that put them in a pancake maker and cook them like a regular pancake.

Potato 2


Sausages– Spiral sausages

Before you cook your sausages, with a sharp knife make a spiral cut around the sausage. After that grill them or fry them, that is up to you.


– Next time before you boil and make your spaghetti try this. Screw few sticks of spaghetti to pieces of sliced sausages and boil them, the end result is amazing!

screw spagetti


Bread slices

– If you are tired of eating your bread like everyone else or if you don’t want to make any more toasts with your old bread here is something that you can do with it. Take your bread and make slices in it with a sharp knife, and same as the potato don’t cut all the way through, but this time make vertical and horizontal lines so the cuts look like cubes. Next fill the slices with some feeling that you like and let it bake until you think its ready.

bread slices



– I’m sure that all of you guys have a waffle maker at home. Well besides making waffles your waffle maker can be sued for cooking a cold pizza.



Chocolate Cookies

– Chocolate milk ice cubes with chunks of crushed Oreo cookies are perfect beverage for the hot summer days…





– What if i tell you that you are making your sandwiches the wrong way… Look t the picture below and be amazed 🙂




– Here is a very simple thing that you can do with only 3 ingredients, one of which is put all time favorite, Nutella.