The No.1 Restaurant In The World That You Have To Visit At Least Once In Your Life Time

A family restaurant business that keeps the tradition alive. We are talking about the El Celer de Can Roca. The three brothers grew up working there. As the time went on, they wanted to keep the spirit of their restaurant. They are a combination of salty, sweet and liquid. That means that every one of them does his best.  Such a gorgeous restaurant.

It is opened back in the 1986.

They successfully built their tower together and made the restaurant best in the world. They prepare the food by their unique way, and the best so far. Anyway, El Celer de can Roca is located in Girona, Catalonia , Spain. It is a place with population around 96.000, and it’s located around 100 km northeast of Barcelona. Such a self-challenging trip.

It would be the way to get into the heart of their restaurant culture. Spain is very tourist active and I don’t need to ask myself why. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you visit this place. Watch the whole video and understand their spirit.