MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: Unbelievable Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean.

Pure nature that charges your batteries. Amazing look that will rest your eyes and mind. Nothing can replace the mother nature. But sometimes something cruel happens, and it’s humans mistake mostly. We don’t want our special thing to fall down, but most of the times we don’t mind that which is not right. In this video we can see the dark side of the Pacific Ocean. Dead birds that ate things thrown by humans, which caused their death. Plastic caps and many other man-made objects that are killing the nature.

Beside awful things, this it is a place you would love to see. The birds are the most unique things that this area owns. The Pacific Ocean covers 46% of the Earth’s water surface. It reaches the deepest point in the world with depth of 10.911 meters. We have to keep the nature healthy, so she wouldn’t destroy us.