Cocktail bar overlooking the Basaseachik waterfalls in Mexico! BREATH TAKING

“Tall Arquitectos” designed new restaurant / cocktail bar, which they called “Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar”, which offers a view of Basaseachik waterfalls in Mexico.

Space that rises from the rock is meant to be on two levels, each of which offers a breathtaking view that leaves you breathless.


The first floor includes a bar on one side, with tables that are positioned through the perimeter, guests can enjoy the view while dining. The glass part of the floor is positioned in the center of the room, allowing guests to look down at the rock on which hangs the restaurant.

The stairs that are positioned on left side of the entrance will lead you to the upper floor where there are sights to see. The area not only includes chairs, tables and couches for relaxing and enjoying the cocktails, but also contains a swimming pool in the central part.


For now, this concept is only a suggestion, but we hope to be accomplished in the future.