The Best Barging Routes in Europe


Europe is the oldest continent. And as the old one it is the one that for me personally holds the most secrets inside itself. There are, the bigger and famous cities that everyone wants to go and visit. There are smaller towns which are becoming popular destinations. And there are yet many places and even countries that no one knows about, but they are gorgeous. As a whole there is no way that one can say that Europe is not wonderful and beautiful.

Europe holds the wonders of 20 seas. And you can choose to vacation at one of those shores. Europe has some high peaks that are worth exploring and climbing. There are exactly 50 countries and all of them can teach you much stuff. They are all different because they hold different culture and have their own geography. But they are also similar, because there is no European country that doesn’t have a rich and interesting history.

How you will vacation is up to you. But have you heard of the latest trend called barge vacations? This is the type of holiday where you choose to go to the countryside rather than the big cities. It is also the type where you don’t stay too long in one place rather than choose a route and meet many different destinations of the same type. Barging routes through Europe are gorgeous and everyone should think about experiencing this.

Here are some ideas for you to think about:

  • Canal du Midi, France

First of all France has countryside that is even more beautiful and romantic than its capital. Then Canal du Midi is located in the south of France where the climate is amazing – Mediterranean. As the name states the Canal du Midi is a route that goes on water. And because of the climate, it gives the opportunity to cruise no matter the season.

What will you see while on stopping in this or that town is breathtaking. You can be the one to see Roman churches no one really knows about. You can have your afternoon walks through some medieval town and go to a vineyard that offers you their best wine. How cool is that?

  • Venice, Italy

We are starting this whole thing on water again, but how can we not. Venice is the oldest canal city in the world. It has historical and romantic architecture. And I would advise you to go through the town and explore for a few days before hopping on a boat and going someplace else. There is no way you won’t fall in love with the city before you fall in love with many else. And the food in Italy is beyond great.

Let me tell you a personal experience – I was traveling from Eastern Europe to Italy and it was just before sunrise. My plane was right above Venice and my heart just melted – all the water within the city lights was so breathtaking that I was just sighing and dreaming to be there at right this moment. Then I really did fell with the city once I visited it. So you will have a great experience even before reaching the place.

And do you know what there is no better place to cruise in Europe rather than Venice. Yu can start by doing it in the city from a private pier and then going in open seas and reaching new Italian or European destinations.

  • Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom

When thinking about the UK everyone goes to England. And in particular London, Brighton, Manchester or Birmingham. But truthfully speaking, they are too crowded by tourists and too famous now. Instead of going there you can enjoy the amazing highlands of Scotland. They are different than the rest of the kingdom and also they are kind of more rural than the rest of Europe.

A great idea to do in Scotland is cruising. It will be a different experience than the one with a train or a car. It is just something special about being on the water and feeling as free as possible. The best route through Scotland is with a starting point at Forth William. It is all the way through the Great Glean. Through the whole time you will be seeing dramatic scenery and you will be hearing stories about mythical creatures and stories from the locals. And to get even a better experience you will be able to drink the most authentic malt whiskey – as old as you want. You can have it on or off the board, accompanied by smoked fresh Atlantic salmon. If that is not great I don’t know what.

  • Holland to Belgium

Holland is amazing for many reasons. If you are young I am sure you would like to visit Amsterdam and try all on Earth that is allowed there, but forbidden in the rest of the world. Then there is Belgium. Although it is underrated it is amazing and offers the best chocolate in the world. So the combination between the coffee shops in Amsterdam and the chocolate in Belgium is perfect.

So you will obviously start the whole thing in Amsterdam. Be sure to have a few days there to explore and enjoy all it has to offer. Despite the coffee shops there is one of the best libraries in the world. Then you will start your cruise. It will have a few stops along the way. And you will like them all. Since they are not too famous, but the type of countryside places you will be amazed by what the world misses by visiting only the biggest and most famous places. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of Antwerp, Ghent and Brugge. And don’t tell me this doesn’t sound nice. It is perfectly combined. Then, if you decide you can continue your way from Brugge to Paris, but that is a whole other thing and I am more of the places in Holland, rather than Paris.