Top Things You Should Do If You Are Visiting Jamaica


Jamaica is an amazing tourist destination and that is why million people from all over the world go there each year. However, some of these people go there without checking important and interesting things about this country. It is not only necessary to know what the currency is and where exactly to buy souvenirs for family and friends. A lot of people go to that amazing country and spend most of their time lying on the beach, without realizing how many amazing places they can visit while there and how many amazing things they can see there.

#1 Swim in Dunn’s River Falls

You may not know this name, but you for sure have seen pictures of these amazing waterfalls. They are somewhat symbolic for Jamaica. A lot of photo shoots have taken place there to capture the beauty of this place. This way a lot of people can make their dream about swimming under waterfalls come true. If you decide to go there, however, you should be very careful, because the rocks are very slippery and a person can easily fall down and hurt themselves.

#2 Swim with dolphins

Here is another dream come true for all the people who love these amazing creatures – dolphins. There are special resorts in Jamaica that offer such attraction. Not everywhere in the world one can find a place to swim with dolphins, so you can take advantage of it while you are there. Dolphins are very gentle and extremely smart animals. They are also very sensitive, so there is no need to worry about anything. Dolphins can even lift you up on their noses, which is is probably the greatest part of the experience.

#3 Horseback riding on the beach

Here is an experience for all the horse lovers – you can go horseback riding near the sea. Horseback riding offers both relaxation and training one’s body of holding itself to the horse’s back. It is a great way one can practice a sport while being on vacation. And what is best about this experience is that it takes place on the beach, which contributes to the entire experience. Some places even offer horseback riding in the ocean.

#4 Try Jamaican food

When a person goes in a foreign country on vacation, they should never miss the chance to try some of the local food. This is one of the best ways to experience the culture of a country. And that is completely true when we talk about a country such as Jamaica with so rich culture. When you are there, you should definitely do not miss to try some of the local coffee – Blue Mountain coffee. It is very popular, so if you like drinking coffee, you should not miss to try it.

If you go there, you should also not miss to try one of Jamaica’s traditional dishes – jerk chicken. Since it has such an interesting name, it is no wonder that it has interesting taste. The chicken is marinated in spicy mixture and it is served with rice, carrots, plantains, and green beans. Yummy!

#5 Go cliff jumping

Jamaica has amazing nature, that is why a lot of restaurant and cafe holders take advantage of it and offer their guests some incredible experiences while having a nice refreshing drink. There are some places which are built on top of some of the most beautiful cliffs in Jamaica. When you decide that you want something else and not just sitting and having a drink, you can jump from the cliff. Then climb the cliff again and finish your drink. Or if you want you can go just cliff jumping, Jamaica has a lot of cliffs for this purpose.

#6 Visit Blue Hole mineral spring

Here is another great adventure you can try while you are in Jamaica – visit Blue Hole mineral spring. It looks like a hole in the ground, but when you look in it, you will see amazing crystal clear blue water, which happens to be a mineral spring. You can jump in it and feel like you are in a cave while swimming there. And do not worry, you do not have to climb the cliff to get out of there. There is a ladder placed there to help the people go up and down if they want.

#7 Go on Calypso rafting

If you prefer activities that do not include too nosy or adventurous experiences, but more of romantic and peaceful ones, then you should definitely try Calypso rafting while you are in Jamaica. The experience resembles kind the one in riding a gondola in Venice, Italy, but the difference is that the Renaissance buildings in Italy are green nature in Jamaica, and the gondola is a wooden raft. So, you will definitely not miss Calypso rafting on the White River.