Which is The Right Makeup for Your Face Shape

A lot of women wonder why certain kind of makeup looks good on some women while on them it does not. Well, the answer is simple – it is just because of the shape of your face. If you do not believe it, you can test it. Ask a friend of yours, with a different face shape from yours, to come over and try some makeup on both of you. You will see that on one of you it will look better than on the other.

The reason is the different face shapes you have. If you want to become one of the best makeup artists you know, you should start with finding out the best makeup for your face shape. Do not worry, we are not going to leave you on your own. Check out the different face shapes with the perfect kind of makeup for them.


Square face shape

This kind of face shape has relatively equal length and width, but the chin is not very sharp and the forehead is big and with sharp edges. If you have such kind of face, your task is to make the edges smoother. You need to contour the two upper edges of your forehead and the part just bellow your cheekbones. This way you will give some more length to your face and you will smooth the edges.

Round face shape

Round face shapes are similar to square ones, but with smooth edges. The perfect makeup for you would be to create the illusion of a longer face shape by contouring. Apply a darker foundation or foundation powder along your temples and along your jawline. And you can also contour it a little under the cheekbones as well.

Oblong face shape

This kind of face shape kind of looks like an oval one, but it is longer than it. To reduce this extra length your face has, just apply some dark foundation than your natural skin complexion on your and highlight your cheekbones. When you are ready do not forget to blend everything well, so there are no harsh lines.

Pear face shape

Women with such kind of face shape have bigger jawline than their forehead, but the rest is similar to the rectangular face shape. If you have such shape, you need to contour the two edges of your jawline to make them look smaller, and to highlight the two upper edges of your forehead to make it look bigger. One last thing, though, you should not forget is to highlight also the apples of your cheeks in the direction towards your mouth.

Oval face shape

If you have oval face shape, you are quite lucky, because your face is naturally contoured. It is the perfect face shape which is suitable for every kind of makeup. You may only need to emphasize a little on your cheekbones, but it is not always necessary.

Rectangle face shape

This face shape is a mixture between oblong one and square one, so basically you have to match the two contouring techniques. You need to highlight your cheekbones with a lighter color than your complexion, while at the same time you need to smooth the four edges of your face by applying there darker foundation color than your natural complexion.

Triangle & Heart face shape

These face shapes are quite similar, that is why they need to be contoured in the same way. Women with such face shapes have broad forehead and sharp chin. The best kind of contouring technique for them would be the one to make their forehead smaller and their chin not so sharp. You need to apply darker foundation on the upper sides of your forehead, covering quite big part of the forehead itself, just the way it is shown on the picture, and on the tip of your chin to cover its sharpness. But this is not all, because you also need to highlight your cheekbones in the direction of your mouth.

Diamond face shape

Women who have diamond face shape have broader middle part of the face, sharp chin and not so broad forehead. Apply dark foundation on your chin and the upper middle part of your forehead. You also need to highlight certain parts of your face: the rest of your hairline up to the temples, and along your chins lines.

Final tip: when you are done with the highlighting and contouring for your specific face shape, you should not forget to blend everything well, so there are no harsh lines. Everything needs to look natural. You need to use a big blending brush, like the ones you use to blend your eye shadows when you are doing your eye makeup. And when you are done with this, fix the foundation by applying some fixing powder on top. And you are ready.

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