He Trained Bees to Make Honey From Marijuana!

Bees have always been harmful insects in nature that create healthy sweet honey. A 39-year-old Frenchman has decided to do something unusual with their bees.

He managed his bees to produce honey of marijuana. Honey that gets marijuana Nicholas calls “KanaHani.” In his words, the bee resin extracted from hemp, which he considered very healing.

  • I learned to collect sugar from fruit instead of flowers – Nicholas told the media when asked about his trained bees.

Given that no endokanabinoden composition, marijuana does not harm the bees, but for them is a kind of food. Beekeeper thinks that everything will go through their body, later turns improved ..

However, this interesting idea is not new. There is no information about the attempts of scientists and beekeepers to inject marijuana in honey, but no one has ever managed to perform. French beekeeper looks to be the first at getting honey from cannabis that make his trained bees.

Nikola otherwise loves nature and insects and a large speaker for medical cannabis. Dealing with beekeeping for over 20 years. training bees to produce honey hemp study in 2006, and three years ago showed the first success with this’ trained honey bees now producing cannabis.

Nikolas now has 30 hives of bees, and their work is planned to continue in Spain, where fewer restrictions and more professionals in the field of beekeeping.