where is the best hotel in the whole world??? We have the answer….

When you conceive how he could look the best hotel in the world, possibly conceive luxurious place to a tropical island. However, Umaid Bhawan Palace in India Dzhodpuru in Rajasthan was named the best hotel in the world as chosen by visitors to the portal Tripadvisor.

It’s about a palace with 64 luxurious rooms and spa pools. And the dining room is luxuriously equipped, with every guest feel like a king.

Here guests can walk the gardens, drive luxury cars or drinking a drink at the luxurious bars.

The average for the night is 734 dollars, but if you visit the hotel off season, you can spend the night for 390 dollars. Visitors say that here you are welcomed as Sultan, trumpets, drums and champagne, so probably worth the money.