Small apartment in a minimalist style in St. Petersburg

Minimalist settled in moderate tones, this small apartment in St. Petersburg is a harmonious home paradise.
Designed under the baton of the studio for architecture and design of interiors “INT2 architecture”, compact apartment is mesmerizing mix of Scandinavian, Japanese and industrial style.

Industrial elements are carefully combined with delicate pieces of furniture of light pine wood, harmonious combination that exists in space. The bright, clean and subtle interior is arranged with practical “Do it yourself” items and under the pine tree with a neutral beige-shade gray concrete walls and comfortable pieces of furniture. Much of the furniture and decor pieces are “Do It Yourself” project architectural team “INT2 architecture”. Interesting and practical idea makeshift stands and leather handles and cabinet doors.

All spaces in the apartment are united under an open-plan interior, which contributes to greater consistency and harmony in it. Apartment in St. Petersburg is an example of orderly home with skillful designs and limited finances, it is also compact, multifunctional, practical and comfortable living.