Why Is There No Cure For Cancer? Is There Any Alternative Cure?

As we all know cancer is one of the deadliest disease of the 21th century. It appears when family of diseases produces the cell to grow abnormally and spread to parts of the body, depending of where the cancer is spread we find different types of cancer. The research shows that 7.6 million people die from tumor every year. These are some big numbers and it sounds really scary when we read it, not only because of the number of the deaths but because the medicine and science have still not found a permanent cure for this terrible disease.



You all have heard that cancer patients are treated with chemo therapies, but how many times have we heard that a person was actually cured from this kind of treatment? In most cases we hear that the person has passed away, no matter how many therapies he has got. So do we ask ourselves, is this treatment really the answer? Yes there are many people that were feeling better from the therapies, but it has only expended their life time for a couple of months, maybe one year. I know that you will say that there are many cases that people were saved with chemo, but was it really the chemo? We cannot know that for sure. There are many questions that we need to ask ourselves.
What extent was the patient in? How much has the cancer spread when they made the therapy?
If chemo was the answer, there would not be deaths from cancer in the world.

In fact we can say that every cure for cancer is alternative, because the medicine and science have not found any permanent yet. I believe that all of you understand how the medicine is just set to make customers, not cures, because who are we lying? We are in the 21th century when everything is possible and they have still not found cure for cancer?



However there are different methods that make the cancer decrease, and not only the chemo, the nature has her own ways. Actually in 1930 electro medicine devices were  made, that were very gentle. Enough gentle and strong at the same time to kill microbes. We do not see the medicine using them for cancer these days. Another big factor that affects the cancer is the immune system. In fact if the immune system is strong in the first place, the person would not catch tumor. With good immune system, the cancer cells will be easily killed and destroyed. The device that we mentioned can also “charge” the immune system, or as we say energize the cells to restore the immune system. And one of the most interesting ways of curing cancer, as you would not believe its cannabis. The researches show that cancer cells are killed even of the most serious brain tumors types with the help of cannabis.

lung cancer

Interesting fact is that the medicine from nature rates 30 % higher than the cures of the human medicine as the radiation, surgery and chemo therapies.

The most scary fact is that only 10 % of people are saved from cancer every year. It is sad that many lives are lost from this disease and scary when we know that cure will not be found in the near future so we ask ourselves how many more lives will be lost?

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