World most expensive cities to live in ….

Singapore third consecutive year again tops the list of most expensive cities in the world, published by Economist Intelligence Unit. Followed by Hong Kong and Zurich, writes Wall Street Journal.

The study compared 400 individual prices on more than 160 products and services worldwide. According to the researchers, this year the list has changed significantly compared to last year, given that many cities face major economic crisis.

These are the most expensive cities to live:

1. Singapore

2. Hong Kong

3. Zurich

4. Paris

5. Oslo

6. Sydney

7. Caracas

8. Geneva

9. Melbourne

10. Tokyo

11. Copenhagen

Unlike expensive, these are the cities with the lowest cost of living:

1. Lusaka, Zambia

2. Bagalor, India

3. Mumbai, India

4. Karachi, Pakistan

5. Chennai, India

6. Algeria, Algeria

7. Almaty, Kazakhstan

8. New Delhi, India

9. Caracas, Venezuela

10. Damascus, Syria