Top 10 Places You Must Visit If You Have The Chance!

Are you a traveler?
Do you like to explore the world and make perfect memories and stories to tell?
Then you should definitely visit this top 10 places that we are about to show you!

1. Devil’s Den Cave, Florida

Devil’s Den Cave is a place you must visit if you are a nature lover. It is a cave where the roof collapsed over a subterranean river ( a river that runs beneath the ground surface).  A temperature of the river is 22 °C degrees, which makes this place a lot more beautiful. When the weather is cold, there is a vapor coming off the cave that reminds us of Hell and that is why it is called The Devil’s Den Cave.

2. Haiku Stairs “ Stairway to Heaven “

Haiku stairs are hiking stairs on the island of Hawaii. They have totally 3,922 steps. Can you imagine?
However the most wonderful thing about this place is the view. In fact as you go higher the sight is getting more and more beautiful. The stairs are surrounded with high ridges.

3. James Bond Island, Phuket Thailand

Ko Khao Phing Kan is an island found in the northeast of Phuket, Thailand. The island was used in many James Bond movies and for that, it is known as “James Bond Island “. The island is covered in step shores that make the Ko Khao Island different than the other ones. It also has a tall islet that looks like a rock and its 20 meters tall.

4. Queulat National Park, Chile

The Queulat National Park in Chile is one of those places you must visit. It is filled with virgin evergreen forests and wonderful capped glacier mountains. From the fauna there are a lot of birds in this area which is 1.541 km2 long.  Also interesting information about this place is that it has two small ice fields and is 2.000 meters above sea level.

5.Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie, China

The Tianmen Mountain is located in northwest of Hunan. It has a glass floor that makes your adrenaline work a little. Standing on a glass on around 1.300 meters above sea level is something to remember isn’t it? The view and the eleven kilometers road to the top, make this mountain a tourist place.

6. Malibu British Columbia, Canada

Malibu is a place near the coast in Canada. If you are a beach lover this is the place for you. Interesting fact is that you can only come to Malibu by seaplane or boat, because there is no other way besides water.

7. Hang Son Doong

In case you did not know, Hang Son Doong is a cave found in Vietnam. It is the biggest cave in Vietnam and third biggest cave in the world. It is long approximately 9 km. Inside the cave there is a subterranean river that makes this place even more remarkable.

8. Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico

Cenote Ik Kill is a place located in Mexico. This place is opened for the visitors for swimming and it is a memory that will last forever. It is carved to a swimming platform and there are vines and small waterfalls that go downside with the water. Just look at the photo and you will see for yourself.

9. Dracula’s Castle, Romania

We are sure that you have already heard about the castle of Dracula. Original name of the castle where the legend about Dracula is found is Bran Castle. It is one of several castles that are linked to Count Dracula, but most experts think that this is the one. There are many interesting things and facts about this place, but we would not want to spoil it, we will leave you to visit and tell us how it is been.

10. Las Grutas De Tolantongo, Mexico

Last Grutas De Tolantongo is the real place for people to rest. This is a very peaceful and relaxing location, that once you visit it, you would not want to leave. It will make all your problems and negative thoughts go away. It is organized in bathing pools and there is no tourist that doesn’t want to try these pools. Sadly there are not many people that have heard about Las Grutas.