Check Out This Trick! Fully Rested With Just Few Hours Of Sleep…

Аwakening up is hard, and often you are tired when you get up out of bed? Reduce your dream and you will be fresh and rested, and the brain will be sharp and clear.


Polyphasic sleep is associated with the name of the most famous artistic genius and innovator of Leonardo da Vinci. He slept an hour and a half to two hours a day so as to every 4 hours of sleep after 15 minutes.
Such a way of sleep several times during the 24 hours, it is called “Polyphasic”. Leonardo da Vinci used this method for many years and did not feel tired.

It is known that the time after sleep most productive time for work or creativity. After him, many thinkers have studied the dream, and practiced several variations Polyphasic sleep, and this is some of them:

Dymaxion method – sleeping 30 minutes every six hours

Uberman method – sleep about 20 minutes every four hours

Tesla method – at night to sleep 2 hours, then mid-afternoon for another 20 minutes


All are effective, but the people and their needs are different, and not every method to answer every man. Everyone has to find the one that suits him.

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