2015 Is Adele’s Best Year So Far!

In 2008 Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has released her debut album 19. Since then as they say is history. The British songwriter and singer has become very popular across the whole world immediately after that. She had some successful years with tremendous achievements especially in 2011 when she released her second album. The whole world was astonished with  the inspiration she got for the 21 album, it was her ex boyfriend. Because of that, many women across the planet who were found in her situation, became her number one fans. Also the strange part is that she never did any haters, as most of the pop singers usually gets. There is no person that will tell you that actually hates Adele.
However she won many awards for her second album, she even got in the Guinness Book of World Records . After that she took a three-year break from the scene, to finally made her comeback in 2015 with the album named 25.

Where is Adele rating between the top female singers in 2015?

There were many rising artists in 2015 with new albums and singles. Adele managed to beat them all and took the first place in this list. She also found herself at the top of the list for top searched artists of 2015. Right after her are Tylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

When did Adele publish her third album 25? How many copies were sold?

She released her third studio album on 20 November. Can you believe it? In just few weeks she managed to break many records and pass many artist in the top list. Knowing that she sold 3.38 million copies from her album, doesn’t make this fact strange at all. In fact in short time this album became the best-selling album of 2015. Up until last month she sold around 19 million copies worldwide. This is huge success even for  Adele. We are really glad that she sold so many copies, making an enormous impact on the music industry, by encouraging people to buy physical albums and not downloading it from the internet.

Why does Adele name her albums numbers?

Adele has already published three albums and all of them are named with numbers. Many people have questioned why is she doing that? Well, here is the answer. She is naming the albums after her age, and like every woman in the world she feels younger when she releases them, so she named “19” when she was 20, she named “21” when she was 23 and finally she named “25” when she was 27 years old. Adele said that she is happy with 27, but she felt really good and she quite liked it when she was 25. However she has now announced that her aging albums are over, because now she is growing older, wiser and she is more responsible now.

Is “Hello” Adele greatest hit?

This is an interesting question. Adele has many hits and this is really difficult to answer. Generally the video for “Hello” has 1.3 billion global views. This fact makes her song “Hello” her best hit. But, in spite of that there are many fans who still believe that “Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep” are her greatest hits ever.