NASA Has Confirmed That There Is Water On Mars!

For long time people are in doubt is there life on Mars. Because of that there are many conspiracy theories that are told among the people from quite long ago. People are even making money from this conspiracy theories, as there are many movies, toys, games and other things that include little green creatures with flat faces. Some people imagine them with big ears, some of them with long, even some of them imagine them without any ears. However there is never been any proof of their existence. There were always many people who were confirming that there is life and water on Mars, but it was never been confirmed by the big NASA, until now.

Generally, even that NASA has confirmed it we can’t still quite believe in it. Because we all know how they managed to trick us to believe in the first landing of the Moon. After long period of time, there were many conspiracy theories, that the image was not shooted at the Moon, but in a desert. Not long ago close people to NASA that are retiring have announced that all that was fake and unreal. However let’s get back to the subject. The same people that have lied us about the first man lending on the moon now claim that there is water on Mars. With having water it means that there is life. But is this true?
Generally this is the strongest proof and evidence they ever had about water on Mars. In their quest they used imaging spectrometer on MRO. The result from the quest is quite remarkable if it’s true. The spectrometer has detected markings of minerals that are appearing on Mars over time. In fact they have noticed that they appear during the hot and warm seasons, and that they fade when there is cooler season. Their appearance is noticed in several locations on the Red Planet, where the temperatures are minus 23 Celsius and they are disappearing at colder times.

The astronaut and associate administrator of NASA John Grunsfield has announced that they have been searching for life in the universe in quite long time. They are happy that they can announce that they have some strong evidence that even if it is not water, it is the closest thing related to liquid water. There is hydrated salt that would actually lower the temperature of the liquid brine. And we all know how the salt keeps the road clean from the snow here on Earth. That is a real progress, because the spectrometer has been examining the Red Planet since 2006. The signs of water and hydrated salt are maybe one of the recent biggest discoveries for the human race.

Now comes the following and main question:
Is this whole truth that NASA is telling the world or is there a little lie in their report?
This is a question that every person would ask himself after reading this article, because we have been lied many times In the past years. However these claims, seem like strong arguments so we will let the time to tell.