House On The Sea With A Breathtaking View

The rocky terrain of the Spanish province of Granada, the studio “Gilbartolome Architects” build a house that combines styles from different eras and architectural traditions of Spain.

The house is built into a cliff from which there is a view of the Mediterranean. With its whole form, the house creates a new aesthetic nestled between the natural and the artificial lake.

Wavy roof of the house complements the amorphous windows, which combined with metal stairs, the building resembles a character person who can revive at any moment and emerge from the rock.

The roof is made of zinc tiles mounted on a metal frame, to which are attached the large glass windows on the top floor, which houses the bedrooms.

By inserting house rock enabling the temperature inside around 20 degrees Celsius, and thus also obtained structure reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean cave dwellings.

As a result of all this is obtained a typical Hispanic, but at the same time avant-garde and unique building, which perfectly fits into the surrounding landscape.