The President Elections In USA Are Just Around The Corner!

The elections for the president of USA are finally getting close by. We are only seven months away from them. They are scheduled for eight of November. So far they are going to be the 58th president elections of the United States. Their current president Barack Obama is unable to run for president again as the term from the Twenty-second Amendment to the US Constitution say that he cannot be elected to a third term. He is a member of the Democratic Party of the United States.

Generally to have a chance of becoming the president of the United States you need to fill some conditions. Firstly and mainly you need to be born as a natural citizen in the United States. You need to have at least 35 years. Secondly he has to have at least fourteen years of permanent resident of the United States. These are the terms to candidate for a president in America. Also it is recommended that the candidate has a spouse and a family for a longer period of time. It is bad if the man who is candidating for a president has a bad past, divorces, many wives and a record. We believe that this means for every country.

The candidates for this year Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Jim Glimore, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The two parties will have quite a battle. Best representatives from the Democratic Party are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Their campaign has shown some great results until now. Many people even believe that Hillary Clinton will become the first woman president of the United States of America. It remains time to show. As for the Republican Party, their two best representatives are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. We can say that Donald Trump has maybe made the biggest influence for the pre-election campaign. He has been to many places and he has given many interviews, many speeches. However many people say that he is not the right man for America because he has some terrible ideas, but other say that he is exactly the man for United States. He had a lot of controversial and harsh talks about the current state in the world. About the refugees, migrants, terrorist, Islamic State, Syria and many other questions and current topics. We believe that the main fight will be between him and Hillary Clinton.

We believe that the citizens of America will make the right choice and they will bring the right decision as they always do. Whoever wins, we just believe that he will make not only America, but he will make the world a better place to live. Because we all know how the west, the United States of America have a huge influence on the whole world and on every single country.