What Аre Anonymous Аnd How To Become Part Of Them…

Worldwide Anonymous began a very strong group of individuals and a global movement. Although we are all familiar, in fact no one knows anything concrete for them. In their official statement explaining that Anonymous and how to become one of them.

– What is Anonymous? Anonymous is not a group, is not individuals. It’s the idea. Specifically it is about the idea that each of us deserves freedom. Freedom of thought, speech, expression, knowledge and belief. Freedom to determine the course and destination of their own lives.

If this is your idea, then you are Anonymous.

You have probably heard of Anonymous, some things are true and some things are not. We are not hackers. We are not terrorists. We are not violent. We are citizens of the world who testify of tyranny, repression and censorship. We are activists seeking to change the system and the circle of corruption.

We strive to make transparency in governments and all institutions of public service. We oppose those who want to violate our rights that we have as human beings.

As a collective of anonymous individuals, we do not have a leader who dictates the methods of resistance. Some of us are hackers who use their abilities for critical information be available to the public. Some of us are organizing protests and rallies. Some of us volunteer to feed those who cannot do alone. We are neighbors, your friends and relatives.

We prepare food, fixing appliances, write books, compose music and create their own technology. We are your workers in the post office, hairdressers, salespeople and lawyers.

We are socialists, capitalists, atheists and religious, we are everyone and we are nobody. None of us is as strong as all of us together. United as one, divided by zero. We are Anonymous.

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