The 5 Richest Countries In The World According To Their GDP!

The people in the world are getting poorer every day, but the countries are getting richer. How is that possible? Are the people too greedy or has the economy crisis really hit the world? It is hard to say and define what is actually happening here, we guess that the following words we saw written on a wall in our country say it all: “Them bellies full, but we hungry” .

However this list contains the five richest countries on the planet, measured by their gross domestic product per capita. This researched are also based on their purchasing power parity, that means their living cost and inflation rates are taken to a consideration in order to compare the live standards between the nations. You will notice that the richest are the smallest countries.

1. Qatar

Qatar is the country that is on the top of the list for a quite long time now. The main reason why Qatar is the richest country in the world is oil and the sheiks. The black gold helped them to overtake the top of this list in 2012. Interesting fact is that the population of Qatar is around 1.8 million with only 278.000 Qatar citizens and 1.5 million expatriates. As a matter of fact the Qatar citizens do not work at all. They are usually owners and bosses over the expatriates who come temporarily to earn some money. Qatar has an average GDP per capita of $105,091.42.
2. Luxembourg

The second richest country in the world is Luxembourg. Many people would not believe this, because Luxembourg is small and tiny country found in western Europe. But in fact Luxembourg has been rich country from the beginning of her existence. The main reason why the country is so well developed is because they are members of NATO, United Nations, the European Union, OECD and of course Benelux. Luxembourg has an average GDP per capita of $79,593.91.

3. Singapore

Singapore is the third country on the list. It is registered as a city-state and a Republic. The World Bank has put this country as the easiest place to do business for ten consecutive years.  The main reason that Singapore make big amount of money is because they have became a world trade centre, which is making them the largest and busiest port from the late ’90. They are also described as most innovative, most dynamic and most competitive. In fact there are around 7,000 multinational corporations from around the world, 1500 companies from China. They are also the second biggest foreign investors in India. Around 44 % workforce in Singapore is made from non Singaporeans. They have an average GDP per capita of $61,567.28.

4. Norway

The forth richest country in the world is Norway. It is a Scandinavian country and it is registered as Kingdom. The population is estimated around 5,214,900 residents of which 86 % are Norwegians and 14 % are foreign residents. Norway is second richest country in Europe after Luxembourg. Generally Norway maybe has the best conditions and standards for living. They have free health public care and they have 46 weeks paid for the parents. Also 69 % of the residents are employed (15 – 74 years old). Their economy is based on free market and large state ownership in certain key sectors. Their average hour wages are one of the highest in the world. Norway has an average GDP per capita of $56,663.47.

5. Brunei Darussalam

For those who do not know Brunei Darussalam is a sovereign state found on the coast of the island Borneo in Asia. This country is fifth on the list of the richest countries in the world. It is a small country with estimated population of 415,717. However their economy is found fifth in the world. They are making this happen with production of natural gas and crude oil that brings them around 90 % of their GDP. In fact Brunei Darussalam has an average GDP per capita of $55,111.20.

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