9 Reasons Why Switzerland Makes The Ideal For Living

1. Switzerland has the 4th freest economy in the world. Exceeded Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

2. Given that Switzerland has one of the freest market economies on the planet, it is no wonder that lies in 9th place for the highest income per capita in the world.

3. Swiss are on the 3rd place for the highest average household income in the world, which means that the average Swiss family is richer than the average American family.

4. Switzerland is in 4th place for the lowest level of government spending as part of the so-called economy among 34 OECD countries. OECD refers to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a group of developed countries.

5. Switzerland has a real federalism and decentralized government. The central government is responsible for about 15% of total government spending, lower than any other country in the OECD.

6. Switzerland has a long history of armed neutrality and was not included in the 1815 war. This means that Switzerland is similar to the pig thorn – will not bother you, but would be a huge mistake to try to mess with it.

7. Switzerland has the 4th highest rate of possessing a gun. Also from 195 countries, it is the 11th lowest murder rate in the world.

8. Marijuana legalized in Switzerland.

9. Switzerland’s 3rd happiest country in the whole world.

The Swiss are rich, happy, peaceful people who own guns. This country has one of the freest economies in the world market and relatively small and decentralized government which went to war from the early 19th century.