Top 7 Shopping Center Malls In The World!

The following shopping centers will change your mind and opinion about shopping centers in the world, because they offer a lot of things that you would not even imagine that a shopping center could have.

1. The Mall Of America

The Mall of Minnesota is one of the biggest malls in the world. It has retailed space of 4.2 million square feet. This mall has many things to offer, like a theme park, an aquarium and it has even wedding chapel and miniature golf course. It also has 400 stores. The Mall from Minnesota is considered to be the most visited center in the world.

2. The Mall In West Edmonton

If you are a shopaholic then you should definitely visit the West Edmonton Mall because it has more than 800 stores. You can also find amusement park, fun 3D and haunted house. This center has the biggest indoor roller coaster with triple loop and the biggest indoor water park in the whole world. Isn’t that something? There are a lot of amusement places that the mall has to offer for children. It is probably one of the best centers for your kids.

3. The Shopping Mall In Dubai

We knew that Dubai will not disappoint us, because they are definitely one of the richest countries in the world. It is expected for them to have at least one giant mall. This one has amazing number of retailed stores, around 1200 and has many restaurants to offer. When we say many we mean like hundreds. It also has one big cinema and large Aquarium.

4. The Mall In The Philippines

It wouldn’t be a top list, if the Asians aren’t here. When it comes to big malls, this center has space of 4.2 million square feet. It is known for its IMAX screen and many entertaining places. Something new about this mall is a skating ring.

5. The Emirates Mall

The Emirates Mall is more of an attraction place than a shopping center mall. It has beautiful and stylish design filled with ski parks, big community theater, many stores, galleries of art and space of 2.4 million square feet. Often the Emirates Mall is a destination for tourists.

6. The Galleria

Maybe one of the largest tourists destinations in Houston is their shopping center named The Galleria. One of the most interesting features that the Galleria city mall contains are the indoor ice rink, two hotels inside the mall and long jogging track. There are many tourists visiting this place. It actually attracts more than 24 million tourists and visitors every single year.

7. Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall is our favorite mall. You will be astonished by its design and style. We are sure that it will leave you breathless. Another Dubai mall that is built based on an Egyptian pyramid that is in fact covered with a huge statue of Ramses in the mall’s courtyard. The design is not the only thing that makes this center special. There are many features that the Wafi Mall contains. Some of them are a luxury hotel, a huge zoo and several themed areas.