9 Things You Should Know When You Go Camping

Every year many people leave their houses and go camping for a few days. They have a good time and for most important they make memories that can never be forgotten. If you have never been camping you must go as soon as possible, but at first you should know this following tips.

1. You Need To Gear Up

The main thing every camper should know is how to get geared up. This is the first thing every camper does in the world. Your gear mainly depends on that how much days you will be out camping. You also need to know that you need to watch over the weight, because you would not want to carry 20 kilogram bag over the mountain

2. Pick What You Pack

You need to pick your supplies. Water is the most important, because you may even find food in the woods. Almost every mountains offer healthy food. If you are driving in and only doing one day hike from one camp location, then you only need a small amount of package.

3. Don’t Forget To Get A Sleeping Bag

This is also one of the most important things if you are planning on spending the night. A good sleep is what every camper needs, so don’t forget to bring your best sleeping bag. Choose the bag on that, how many people will be there because you would not want to squeeze. Also make sure to bring the bag that is isolated from the cold nights.

4. Fire Up

To keep the animals away in the mountain, the best thing is to light a fire around your sleeping bags. There is no animal that is not afraid from fire, so you will be safe in the night while you sleep. For a fire you need to carry matches or a lighter and only an axe, because there are a lot of trees in the forest. Make sure you bring newspapers too.

5. Food

The best food option for campers is something that will actually boost you up, something that will give you enough energy to climb the mountain. Food like granola and healthy bars, a bananas would be good choice, meat, canned food, coffe and tea.

6. Dress Code

You can’t dress like you are going to the ball in the mountain right? There are not your friends to make a fun of you and you are not going to a wedding. Because of that there is a dress code for campers. You need to pick wool or synthetic socks and moisture wicking clothes. Don’t forget to get the boots you bought for hiking and the clothes you got for rainy days.

7. Gadgets

When we mean gadgets we are not talking about games, smart phones, lap tops or any kind of technology. We are talking about flashlight, charger for your emergencies phone, batteries and knife or the multi tool that is almost forgot in the world.

8. Extras That Will Make Your Camping Much More Better

Bring a camera, make some pictures to show to your parents, your friends that you had a great time. Bring a map, cooler maybe some cans of beer that will make the trip even better. Add a book or anything else that makes you happy.

9. Keep It Safe

And finally the main thing you should do all camping is to keep yourself out of trouble and stay safe. Be aware from animals, especially bears and try not to get any ticks on yourself. Wear high socks and light up the fire as we told you and everything will be all right. Have a nice time and enjoy your camping!