How To Survive The Apocalypse?

People are skeptical and they believe that the apocalypse is nowhere near by. However it is better to be prepared if a case like this ever happens. In those hours the panic will be on a great level and everybody will look just for themselves and for their families. Nobody will try to help you, so we suggest that you read the following things just in case. Maybe one day they will come in handy.

1. Find A Shelter

The main thing if the apocalypse happens is to find save and sound place to stay. Best place we recommend is the underground. Any kind of place that is found in the underground is welcomed. Any hiding place that is below surface will do the job. Scientists have made some researches and have come to a conclusion that finding save underground shelter should be at first spot. Because the chances of survival are best if you are in the underground while there is a tsunami coming, meteor arriving or earthquake hitting.

2. Have A 72 Hour Bag Ready For Everything



The second best thing you should probably do is have a bag ready for everything that you could experience in 3 days. You could grab it in just one moment, even in the last minute of your evacuation from your loved homed. You should pack it with supplies for survival and things that may come in handy for everything. The main supplies for the bag are: food, clear water mostly, clothes, communication devices and anything that you could make fire of.
3. Medications Are Really Important


In a time when you could get easily wiped out the Earth it is best if you could find some medications. They are really important and could save your life or the life of your love once. You could even cure and help injured people. It all depends on the disaster. It depends on what the apocalypse would be like. It depends what would hit our planet. However medications are never enough in a times where the world is falling apart.

4. Items And Products You Should Get If You Have The Time

We guess that there will be no much time, but if there is enough time you must definitely get this items:

-glowing sticks
This items and products will help you survive the hard times and go through the end of the world. They will increase your chances of staying alive and well to see another day.

5. Try To Survive 90 Days

If you manage to survive 90 days, then the chances that you will survive the apocalypse are 99 %. In this time the air will probably be cleared and you could somehow continue with your life. Everything will be different but the main thing is that you will be alive. Just keep on struggling, you make it so far you will make It through the apocalypse.