Diving Between Two Continental

Located in Lake Thingvellir, Thingvellir National Park in Iceland, Silfra crack is a real geological miracle.

This rift between the two continents (North America and Europe) was formed as a result of the constant movement, ie the distance of two tectonic plates (about 2 cm. Per year).

Here is the purest water in the world due to the incredible natural filtration, ie the melting of a nearby glacier Langjokull, water enters the ground and filtered through porous underground lava until you reach the north end of the lake, welling out from underground wells.

This is one of the world’s best destinations for diving, where divers literally flying between North America and Eurasia, and some of the closest holes can even touch two continents simultaneously.

The waters of Silfra offering 4 main locations for diving, including: Big Crack, home to the narrowest (0.5 m.) And deepest (45 m.) Item; Silfra Hall, where the crack expands the remarkable system of caves; Silfra Cathedral, with beautiful walls of volcanic stones and Silfra Lagoon is a favorite among divers because of the diversity of algae.