What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down Abroad!

People often travel around the world. Sometimes by plane, sometimes by train, but sometimes they choose the longer path and travel with their car. I actually respect them for that, because traveling with car is a lot more fun and it can bring you many more memories that plane surely can’t. However people who are traveling with cars on long destinations may come with a big problem, like flat tire or something like that. Well, flat tire would be smallest problem if it happens abroad, because there are many other break downs that can happen to your car. These are some of the things you should probably do if any problems show on the trip.

Reduce The Chance Of Breaking Down To Minimum

Well, the best way not to get in trouble is to stay out of trouble right? So the best chance for you to not to get breakdown to your car is to make sure you have done everything in your power. Before you start the travel you need to be sure that the car is good checked out. The base things that need to be checked out are servicing, tires, vision, lights.
Servicing is high recommended for the vehicle. You should be sure that is fully serviced before going on any longer or even shorter trips. This will help you not only in reducing the chance, but also it will slightly improve your fuel economy.
As for the tires they are maybe the main thing that must be checked before going on a road. You also need to be sure that you carry another reserve tire just in case. Almost 90% of the people who have problems abroad, have a flat tire. This is a big number, but is nothing scary. Just for that make sure that your extra tire is packed and ready to go with you wherever you go.
Vision is also quite important. Make sure that you have enough supply of washer fluid for the windscreens and make sure that they are in good standard before you hit the road.
Last but not least, the lights are also important. The main thing is to check if all bulbs and electric are working properly. And don’t forget to take some extra with you because you never know what might happen.

Take Warning Signs

Even with all the gear and the best precaution something might happen. If anything happen and you are in any of the European countries the base thing is to have warning signs, because when you pull over a highway you need to be make sure that you carry a warning triangle. This will help you manage the traffic better and of course you will not pay the big ticket price.


Call The Roadside Assistance

If there is nothing you can do, and you are in serious trouble, you should probably call the roadside assistance. There are organizations like AAA and OnStar that help passengers. They may fix your problems, but in a case you need to be transferred to a nearby auto shop you will probably spend a little expensive.

Pull Over Somebody For Help

There is never too much help when you are in another country. Try to pull over somebody to help you, there are many kind and nice people In every country that are actually willing to help passengers in trouble. Don’t be afraid and don’t be shy, because you will be stuck on the road for long time if you do not get any kind of help.

If You Are In A Hurry Rental Car

Well, if there is nothing else there are always renting car companies. If you are in a hurry and you need to arrive somewhere ASAP then you should probably take the last option and pay some cash for a rental car. You will spent a lot of money but you will at least make the destination on time.

Keep A Road Map In The Car

Even if your car has sat nav it may not be working when you need it. And you can’t guarantee you’ll have a signal to use the map on your phone. Having a map enables you to explain to someone exactly where you are, no matter what

Make Sure Your Phone Is Well Charged

Think about buying an in-car charger just in case you need it

Carry A Reflective Jacket And Waterproof At All Times

In most other European countries it’s the law to carry a reflective jacket in your car. In the UK it isn’t but it’s a very sensible idea to help keep you safe if you’re standing at the roadside. If you have a spare waterproof, it’s always handy to have it in the car. You can never predict what the weather will be doing when you break down.