Scientist Found 4 New Planets That Could Host Life!

A research has shown that there are four planets that could actually host life. The scientists have found the planet named Kepler 22b was found in December 2011 and the other three were found on April 2013. However it was recently announced that a group of scientists have made some researches and they claim that there is a chance that this planet could replace the Earth. As they said they have great potential to host life, but still their compositions and atmosphere were not examined yet.

As a matter of fact the planets were found from the NASA’s Kepler Satellite that actually has a job of keeping an eye on around 150.000 stars in order to find a planet that could replace the Earth in a time when all the available resources from the Earth will be gone.

Their host star is named Kepler 62, it is similar to our Sun but it is quite smaller and cooler. However scientists have announced that there is a big chance that the Kepler 62 is a good change for the Sun. They believe that this could really work.

In fact three of the four planets, named Kepler 69c, Kepler 62e and Kepler 62f have small size quite similar to the one that Earth has. There are the smallest planets that are found near a star where theoretically it is possible to hold liquid water. The Kepler 69c is not quite in the zone near to the star as the other two, but the scientists have not put her out of the list.

A Kepler scientist named Thomas Barclays from California has announced that when they found this planets they realized that the Earth is nothing special and there are Earth-like things everywhere in the universe.

The worse thing about this discovery is that actually the planets are quite far away. They are around 2.700 light years away from us. If we take in consideration that one light year calculated in the distance that the light travels in vacuum is nearly six trillion miles. That’s a lot isn’t it?

We haven’t said much about the forth planet that was found five years ago in 2011 December. It is named Kepler 22b and is 40 percent bigger than our Earth. Aside of the size, the Kepler 22b is the planet closest to ours, as the scientists claim. It may be rocky with polar caps, liquid water and land mass. This planet manages to go around her star in about 267.3 days, measured by Earth days. We are happy that the scientists have made a research like this. For a long time the human kind is looking for a life on another planet, because there are many reasons why one day we would maybe need to leave it. We are just hoping that this will came out to be true and finally they will discover water, because almost every other statement that they have given so far, were proven as lies.

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