6 Interesting Facts About Amazon Rainforest

Amazon is a rainforest found in South America. It is also known as Amazonia or Amazon Jungle around the world and it covers an area of 5,500,000 km2. The jungle also includes a region of territories belonging to 9 nations. The nation that the rainforest is contained at most is Brazil. The rainforest is the biggest tropical rainforest in the world with about 16 thousand species trees and 390 billion trees in the area. Amazon is also a home for many animals, plants and tribes who still don’t know about the real world. That is quite an interesting fact. The river Amazon that flows across the area is the largest river in the world and so far the second in length. There are still many unknown areas in the jungle that we hope will be researched as soon as possible. This forest is a gift from God and here are some interesting facts about the forest.

1. Food

Well, you may not believe this but 80 percent of the food that we are eating comes from this rainforest. It is basically a food market for the human race. In fact the food that is coming from the forest is: coffee, corn, rice, tomatoes, bananas and many more other food options. This is a huge reason why the Amazon rainforest is quite important and should be a reason why we should save the jungle.

2. Tropical Rainforests Cover Around 6% Of Earth Territory

A research showed an interesting fact that the rainforests cover around six percent of our planet’s territory. But, actually they are consider to be a home to more than a half of the flora and fauna the world offers.

3. Darkness

For those who don’t know Amazon’s area is filled with huge thick trees which don’t allow the sunlight to come to the forest floor. An interesting study has shown that only one percent of the sunlight hits the floor of the rainforest.

4. Big Numbers Of Fruits

There are many types of fruits are found in the jungle of Amazon. The exact number isn’t known, but the estimated number is about 3000 different species. In the world we are using only 200 of them, but in the rainforest tribes use around 2000 different types of fruit.

5. Destruction

Humans do what they want with the world. They are so stubborn that one day we will be sorry about many things that we did in the past. If we continue on of them is going to be the destruction of the Amazon rainforest which is considered to be the lungs of the world. The destruction started 100 years ago, but today the rainforest is being destroyed by 1.5 acres every second. That is sad.

6. Medicine

Amazon is also a huge pharmacy for the whole world. There are many medication made from plants and other things in the forest. The interesting thing is that only 1 percent of the forest plants are examined. What do you think they will find when they examine all plants that the rainforest offers?