Former Centers Of Military Power: Abandoned Military Bases Around The World

Sometimes they intimidated the world with their power, but today they fear the world with their silence.

When the government of a country decides that a military base is outdated, it means that sometimes the military base needs a renewal. However, after the facilities will become obsolete the government officials often find worth solutions, which usually results with abandonment of old bases and starting a new once elsewhere.

There are also cases where a military base is no longer necessary, which also ends with abandonment rather than spending money for reconstruction and maintenance.

“Top Secret Writers” compiled a list of 5 most abandoned military bases that can be found worldwide.

Johnston Atoll

Johnston Atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean – 1.150 km southwest of Hawaii, which comprises a group of islands with an area of 2.8 square kilometers, but politically belongs to the United States. On one of these islands is built an American military base which the US used to test nuclear weapons.

The Island at the beginning served as a shelter for flora and fauna, which after the Navy took control over, disappeared completely.

After an explosion of a rocket in 1962, the island was contaminated with plutonium. From 1972 to 2000 the island had regular testing of atomic weapons. Since then, the islands were used as storage for nuclear waste.

The base of the US Air Force – Walker

The closed complex which includes a number of military facilities, was the beginning of the contacts with UFOs. Situated just three miles from downtown Roswell in New Mexico, it is a military facility where allegedly a UFO has crashed in 1974. This military complex was closed in 1967, because of the policy to reduce the cost that occurred during the Vietnam War. The last few years, the military base “Walker” is used as a “graveyard” for aircraft or place to accommodate airplane that are no longer operational.

Krankenhaus Staaken

This military base was built in 1915 in Berlin and its main aim was to build and launch zeppelins during the First World War. Meanwhile, it was also built a hospital and runway landing aircraft.

However, by the end of the Second World War, most of the complexes are used as university. The entire complex was closed in 1998, with the exception of a small part, which for some time served as a kindergarten.

Nuclear base Balaklava

In the city of Balaklava, near the Ukrainian Sevastopol, the mighty Soviet Army during the Cold War decided to make a monumental underground building – nuclear submarine base. It was built to “survive” even the most powerful atomic blow and it could hide 3,000 people and live normally 30 days.

The base consisted numerous tunnels that led into the depth of the mountains, but the whole base together with the city of Balaklava was considered to be one of the classificated secrets to the Soviet Union. The building has been entirely abandoned in 1993, but not forgotten. A smaller part is transformed into a Military Maritime Museum.

Communication Station “Fuchu”

It was built just after the Second World War and it was used during the Vietnam and Korean war as a communication station. Before it was fully abolished, the communication station “Fuchu” was used as a key hub for the US military. “Fichu” often served as a shelter for wounded soldiers from the Vietnam and Korean War. After closing, most of the building was restored, but big part was forever destroyed. Today, the part that was restored and saved it is used for the Armed Forces of Japan.

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