Unbelievable: Change Your Last Name And Get Free Nights In Hotels And Various Other Services

People are always trying to get something for free. They try many different ways, but an American has come up with the best way to evade many charges – he has changed his last name.

This man claims that he has spend the night in seven different hotels. He also claims that he has rented a car several times for free after he changed his last name in Null.

Raven Felix Null says that he changed his surname after becoming an adult and he says that the word Null is incompatible with numerous computer programs because the system simply does not recognize it as a person. This means that when the program will not be able to register him after they inscribe his name.

This “bug” often contributes to not getting the bills when you have to pay. Because of that Rave Felix Null has managed not to pay when he was staying in different hotels, renting cars or having dental treatment.

This IT expert has found this trick on Reddit: “I got lots of free stuff because the code error occurs in terms “area for surname can’t be left empty” and the person that serves him often says that he is going to enter his data later, but in fact he never does.

If there is a case of misunderstanding, Raven usually threats that he is going to sue the company for discrimination. With this he manages to convince the employee to leave the problem to be solved later. But, people often forget about the whole problem and situation and they give up.

“I usually blame them that they are persecuting me and I am usually threatening to them that I am going to sue them for discrimination. The manager then gives up and says that the data is going to be sort out later.”

He claims that he hasn’t changed his name to get stuff for free, but because he wanted a new surname after he separated from his parents. He says that he has chosen the surname Null because it means “nothing” and it means that he is not related to his parents.