Guest In A Hotel Found A Rude Message On The Bed:”If you are reading this …”

This following experience will certainly make every traveler to worry about hygiene in hotel rooms.

When a guest entered the room he booked in the business hotel “Courtyard Marriott”, he found something that surprised him unpleasantly. He paid a lot for the room. The thing he experienced is going to make every passenger check the hygiene in the hotel rooms twice.

Anonymous user of the social network Reddit has published the picture where the message was written on a paper which says “If you are reading this, then the maid hasn’t changed your tablecloth”.

The message was found on the bed of one of the rooms in the hotel “Courtyard Marriott”. The person who found the message, wrote afterwards “I heard something cracking when I sat on the bed, and then this!” writes Daily Mail.

This photograph has spread on the internet real fast. We don’t know exactly which hotel it is, but we are sure that is one hotel from the “Courtyard Marriott” hotels. There are around 1,000 hotels like this which are found all over the world. We are sure that this photograph is from a hotel in USA. The headman from the “Courtyard Marriott” has remained quiet.

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