FBI Warns: Hackers Could Attack Cars!

FBI warns drivers and carmakers from danger of hacker attacks.

Last year, two security experts managed to take control over a car by only using a computer. In the car was a journalist of “Wired” who wasn’t aware from the whole test situation and he was very surprised and scared because he couldn’t control his vehicle.

Because of that Fiat Chrysler withdrew 1,4 million vehicles that were vulnerable to that attack and two car hackers were immediately employed in Uber.

Given that more cars use advanced technology and are connected to internet, there are going to be even bigger risks in the future of this kind of attacks. Therefore, FBI warns drivers to be careful and calls every person who had their car hacked to immediately contact the FBI.

FBI says that because of the connection that cars have with the internet, it is important for the drivers and car companies to be aware from the potential cyber threat.

As an advice FBI recommend that you need to be careful about your software version and that you always need to have the latest version of the software. They also say that you need to watch out when you are installing the software and to be careful when you use the applications that are usually used in the vehicle.

FBI says that cyber criminals send fake messages that warn owners of vehicles that they need to upgrade their software, and with the message they send they also send their designed software.

Still it should be noted that there haven’t been any real hacker attack that would take control over a vehicle yet. However the FBI believe that it is only a matter of time before we witness the first real hacker attack on a car.

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