Is This The Solution For Tired Drivers?

Several companies are developing technology that will monitor the facial expression of the driver while driving, so if the driver is tired, the application will stop the car.

One of the biggest problems that the drivers are facing is fatigue and sleepiness, some studies have shown that the most accidents are happened when the time is switching for one hour and we are sleeping one hour less.

Although, there are no precise data about an accident that happened when the driver was feeling tired. However many research showed that the drivers have lack of concentration and reflexes when they are feeling tired.

There are several companies that are working on a technology that is going to recognize the facial movements of the drivers face and it is going to be able to tell if the driver is tired or not. The camera that is going to be put in the control panel and it will monitor the face expressions and will compare them with an existing file or face expression, so with this way we will know if the driver is sleepy or not. All this will result with a warning to the driver and with stopping the car.

The company Affectiva develops technology for early recognition of the driver’s emotions, an application that will be able to predict when the driver is tired.

Other technologies will measure how much are opened the eyes of the driver, and will also measure the temperature in the vehicle and the volume of music.

The commercial application of these technologies could start to be implemented in the next few years, and experts predict that traffic accidents caused by driver fatigue could dramatically be reduced due to such applications.

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