You Can Not Stop Technology! Google Will Build A City

Several years ago Larry Page said that there should be place in the world which will be separated as a proving ground for execution of the technological experiments that in real terms could cause harm, or violate some law.

Sidewalk Labs is one of the Google companies whose goal is “development of urban areas through technology.” There have been rumors lately that this exact company is preparing her most interesting and biggest project – building a new city, says Business Insider.

Through the streets of the new city, cars will be driven by computers and the users are going to be able to access super fast internet via Google Fiber. The computers are going to be able to analyze all the available data and charges would be far smaller with efficient consumption and energy efficiency.

At a recent conference organized by The Information, CEO of the company, Dan Doktorof answered the question about building the “smart city”. This is well known subject and he said that it would be excellent idea and that it would be an excellent laboratory for experiments related to cyber security and privacy of citizens.

We should remember that the CEO of Alphabet, Larry Page was talking something similar like Dan and he said that the city should be separated from the world for technological experiments.

Doktorof said that realizing the construction of the city will be quite difficult job and he said that they are going to need all the support they can get from politicians. However he said that “Nothing can stop the technology” which made it clear that this project of Google could soon become a reality.

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