Prince Worked 154 Hours Before His Death?

Prince was “pale” and “weak” in his last public appearances and according to one source he was awake 154 hours before he died.

Employees at the store Electric Fetus in Minneapolis claim that the musician didn’t look good when he visited their store, five days before his body was found in Paisley Park.

Maurice Philips – groom of Prince claim that the musician has worked for six days and hasn’t taken even one hour of sleep.

According to the employees in the store Electric Fetus, Prince has bought six albums while his last visit in the store. He bought “Talking Book” from Stevie Wonder, “The Time Has Come” from The Chambers Brothers, “Hejira” from Joni Mitchell, “Inspirational Gospel Classics”, “The Best Of Missing Perosons” и “Santana IV”.

“He supported our store very much. We sold everything we had from him only two hours after the announcement of his death.” – said one of the employees.

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