The Milky Way Is Part of Something Much Larger: Scientists Create Map of An 8000 Galaxy-Supercluster

A Supercluster is a gigantic area of space that is packed full of galaxies; it is one of the biggest structures known to man that exist in our infinitely vast universe.  A team of scientists in based in Hawaii have come up with a unique technique that allows them to map these Superclusters. They created a beautiful simulation of the macrocosm we all exist in.

The team took up the task of mapping out the movement of around 8000 of our own neighboring galaxies. The giant cluster is known as Laniakea which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian which I feel is a beautifully appropriate name. The video below documents each step of the remarkable process in mapping out Laniakea. 

This is so mind blowing when you really think about it. When you keep zooming out, you see the milky way is merely a red blood cell in this infinite vein of life. When you get far out enough, it’s like the milky way is just a tiny sector in this insanely larger galaxy. It’s like the galaxy we’re actually in is this supercluster, but to us, the vast amount of space between objects separates us.

What if we could see the macrocosm and the microcosm all at once? We’d see we are simultaneously part of something infinite – both small and large! Take time and space out of the equation and you’ve got the true nature of reality.